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30% Commission Program

1st Level Sales - 30% Commission

2nd Tier - 5 % 


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Thank you for choosing the 2 tier Affiliate Partner.  There are so many benefits for promoting our unique service.  

The high 30% - 5% commission is just one of them.

Sign-up as a Affiliate  Click here welcomes you to our very lucrative affiliate program. Join today for FREE and receive 30% commissions on any sales we make via traffic you have sent us. Plus 5% on the 2nd level sales of your referrals

This provides you with a chance to profit not only from your primary sales, but the sales of those who you have personally sponsored .

Become an affiliate today and start earning a residual income or if you prefer use our affiliate program as a means to save on our services. Either way we would love to have you join our affiliate team. 

College Degree Affiliate Program



Why bore your visitors with the same old stale offers?   Promote something UNIQUE and watch your earnings skyrocket.

Tracking of all sales carried out by a trusted 3rd party, AffiliateTracking™, a leader in managing quality affiliates programs


Our service is the only one of it's kind on the Internet to offer such a service at an incredible price.  Therefore it is in high demand as webmasters and site visitors alike are intrigued by such an unusual concept.  Imagine, they can get a college degree in a matter of days, all legal, registered and with a free verification service included. is a highly successful site and has a good track record in generating sales. We have been online since 2001.

Our customer service is legendary, if we have arranged a degree for you already, then you will know exactly what we are talking about.. Our clients are very important to us, we go the extra length to ensure client satisfaction.  Add value to your site through a rich set of content and functionality that offers.

  The Affiliate Program is administered by AffiliateTracking™ the internet's premier pay-for-performance ad network.  They pay your commission direct for every time you make a sale for us.

  The Affiliate Partner Program has everything you need to get started including your Password Protected Login so you can check your stats in real-time and see exactly how many sales you have made and how much money AffiliateTracking™ will send you on our behalf.  

Becoming an Affiliate Partner is FREE and you can get started right away.

2 Tier Commission Pay-outs......
Combining a Flat Rate Commission with The Power of Duplication

1st Level Sales - 30% Commission

2nd Tier Sales - 5 % 

AffiliateTracking™ pays you on a monthly basis when your account total exceeds $100.  If the total is less than $100 (unlikely), the money is kept in your account until the month it reaches $100.  

Join us now.

The sign up process is very easy and straight forward. All you need to do is to supply some basic information about yourself so we know where to send the commission checks or get paid via SKRILL.

As an affiliate you will have access to stats area to view your stats on-line and to access affiliate banner area.

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